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We are looking for young people aged 8-18 who love music, and who would like to join a professional choir. Auditions are run throughout the year.
Sign up below and we’ll be in touch regarding the next available opportunity. Your information will be stored securely, in line with our privacy policy and will not be shared with third parties. Registration forms are available on the Cathedral website, which also contain our choir guidelines.

Please note that the summer choral course is now full for children in Years 3-5, but open to children and young people in Years 6-13. Those who apply now will be added to a waiting list, and the outcomes will be announced on Friday 12th July.

We are taking reservations to join the Hackney Children’s Choir (primary school) & Senior Choir (secondary school) — and new members may join us on Tuesday 3rd September, 2019. You do not have to have taken part in a holiday course to sign up for a choir, and places are still open.

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